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Ensuring the safety, well-being, and integrity of a home is high on any homeowner’s priority list. Home inspections can help you better understand the condition of your property. Let’s look at a 4-point inspection and why it might be necessary to order one.

What is a 4-Point Inspection?

A 4-point inspection covers the aspects of the home that are key to the building’s safety and structural integrity. These inspections are done by trained home inspectors who examine four systems and their components. The inspector will make notes on the general condition of the home and estimate the remaining lifespan of each of these systems.

HVAC: The inspector looks at the type, age, and functionality of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Plumbing: An assessment of the drains and pipes is completed and the age and condition of the system are recorded. The inspector may also note any leaks and the types of plumbing pipes that comprise the system.

Electrical: The circuit panel is examined and the inspector looks at the home’s wiring, noting any wires or breakers that are in poor condition.

Roofing: The inspector examines the roof from all angles. They note the roofing materials, age, and condition of the roof, and any damage or weak points.

When is an Inspection Necessary?

If you want to sell your home or get insurance for your home, a 4-point inspection may be necessary. Insurance companies see a home that hasn’t been inspected as an unknown liability, and they’re unlikely to offer coverage without a 4-point inspection report.

An insurance company wants to know about the property they are insuring. An inspector can locate problems unknown to the homeowner. They may notice damage on the roof, or they might find a leak in the plumbing that could cause water damage down the line. When it comes to electrical systems, the stakes are high if something goes wrong, so an inspection can assure an insurance company of the home’s safety.

Getting a 4-Point Inspection

There is no universal format for a 4-point insurance inspection. While licensed inspectors will inspect the same components and insurance providers want the same information, some insurance companies may require that inspectors complete their 4-point inspection forms. The insurer may not accept a form that’s not in their specific format.

When searching for an inspector, always be sure to hire a licensed professional to do the work.

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